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Classroom Star System’s ClassDojo Raises $1.6M

August 15, 2012






Palo Alto-based ClassDojo has raised $1.6M in seed funding from Paul Graham, Ron Conway, Jeff Clavier, Kapor Capital, Start Fund, General Catalyst, Morado Ventures, Lerer Ventures, NewSchools Ventures, Learn Capital, Flixter CEO Joe Greenstein and OpenFeint Founder Jason Citron.
The startup was founded in 2011 and essentially gives teachers an star system on their iPad or laptop. All teachers use some kind of rewards or star system but they tend to do it in their heads or on paper. ClassDojo provides this system in a way that kids can relate to, digital and with avatars. Does it make a huge impact on teachers lives? We’d say yes. The classroom needs to become more digital and ClassDojo can be part of that.
ClassDojo claims a great deal of uptake by teachers. 3.5M teachers and students. The accounts are free, but perhaps they are looking to go freemium. Schools are always underfunded, but parents do bring in paper and pencils at the start of the year and we can easily see them paying for a ClassDojo license if teachers found that helpful.

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