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MeeGenius! Raises $2.4M

August 10, 2012






The alarm:clock team is working remotely from the South Pacific, where the libraries are scare, Sponge Bob is getting stale, but Wifi is fine. So we spent some time looking for kids books resource the the iPad. Good timing as MeeGenius just raised a round of funding and a moment of PR. NYC-based MeeGenius! just raised $2.4M from Sonja Perkins/Broadway Angels and Sunrise Capital Partners.
We have been disapointed in the quantity of books available via Amazon prime. And we have been disapointed with Kindle books for kids as the illustrations are few and far between. It seems to be working as MeeGenius has been a top 10 most downloaded app in the Apple store.

The company is led by former banker Wandy Yeap Hoh.

While we like what they are doing today, it does seem like its only a matter of time before Amazon gets better at kids books. There is not too much differentiation here that we can see. We will be using MeeGenius! over the next couple of weeks and will update our opinion.

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