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MySpace Raises the Roof (and some VC cash)

March 21, 2005

Most corporate website “news” sections list mundane press releases about InfoWorld awards or the appointment of a new Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO). Social networking site Myspace, however, which is growing like a weed and just raised a healthy round of financing from RedPoint Ventures, has decided to let us all in on the fun. The company’s news section is filled with images of employees and MySpace community members (is that really an employee?) having a rocking good time.
Fun MySpace Party
Before you accuse us of being raunchy and vulgar, please visit the MySpace site to confirm that the above photo is (a) actually on the MySpace site and (b) that it was taken at the following MySpace party: Los Angeles, at BARFLY, Tuesday, November 11th, 9:00PM.

MySpace Internet Ranking Since the Party
View – MySpace News
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