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Bono Acquires Laura Croft Tomb Raider & Co. 

March 21, 2005

elevation partners.jpg
Any time Venture Capital/U2 Frontman Bono does something, you can assume we’ll cover it. Bono’s Venture firm, Elevation Partners, has acquired Eidos, a publicly traded UK game concern that can’t find a hit, and will take the company private. The price was $71M pounds. Not much. This is the first move by Elevation’s John Riccitiello, who was President and COO of EA. It is the kind of deal that is expected of the firm, but it is nevertheless a high risk move as the games sector is suffering through a dust bowl with no end in sight.
laura croft.jpg
Sold To Bono
Read – Eidos agrees £71m takeover bid from Elevation(Times Online)

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