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College Kids Figure Out Internet!!!

January 24, 2005

In a sure sign that the Internet Economy is picking up speed (read: irrational exuberance is back!), the most recent New Yorker offers a profile of the pranksters over at This meandering article, by Rebecca Mead, shares the following penetrating revelations: the College Humor founders are young (just out of college!), they live and work out of a loft, and they make a decent living. Why these guys merit an entire profile is lost on us. provides an excellent example of a next-generation Internet content play. The site’s publishing costs are minimized by the fact that content is largely submitted. The site’s founders, fresh out of college themselves, know their audience. We like FARK as another example of the low-cost/reader-generated model. But we’re not sure we need to read a whole profile of the site’s founders.
This article is reminiscent of earlier New Yorker dot-com puff pieces like the profiles of Jason McCabe Calacanis and Candace Carprenter, the founder of iVillage.
Read: Funny Boys – [The New Yorker]

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