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Mirra – Profile

January 24, 2005

HQ: Sunnyvale, CA
Founded: 2002
Management: CEO is Tim Bucher, one of the original engineering team executives of WebTV and former VP of Consumer Products at Microsoft.
Investors:In March 2004, Mirra received $8M in Series B funding in a round led by Sequoia Capital. Mirra’s Series A funding was from Venture Strategy Partners, Sunrise Capital, and angel investors.
Business Model: Mirra sells a range of sizes of PC backup servers that automatically back-up important files. Chief selling point is that users can access files from anywhere on the Web.
Nobody Wants It.
Competitors: Pug Servers, Maxtor, Western Digital, Iogear, SmartDisk.
Dirt: We suspect that the oxygen has been sucked out of the room at Mirra HQ. They haven’t raised that much money and their products aren’t selling. Maybe they have channels that are doing better than Amazon, but Mirra’s best selling product ranks as only the 13K best selling electronics product on Amazon. That sucks. The problem, as we see it, is that the vast majority of consumers won’t differentiate between Mirra products and traditional external hard-drives, except when it comes to cost. External hard-drives now sell for roughly a buck per gig. Mirra costs way, way more – $3 to $4 per gig.


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