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Laser Beam Kills the Shotgun

August 26, 2004

A follow-up to our profile of Quigo… On his Searchblog, John Battelle shares excerpts from his recent conversation with Quigo CEO Michael Yavonditte. As we mentioned in our profile, it will be interesting to see if Quigo can actually compete on the basis of better, smarter algorithms to match ads with the proper audience. For now, Quigo seems pretty comfortable in its claim that its technology is one step ahead of Google’s AdSense.
At a higher level, the great equalizer in this emerging space will be the ability to deliver quantifiable campaign results to both publishers and advertisers. A source at AOL told us that the acquisition of was largely driven by AOL’s reluctant acceptance of the reality that it’s no longer adequate to just pitch a huge audience to advertisers. “Run of site” campaigns reach lots of people — but who are those people and did they want to reached in the first place?
Running out of Ammo…
Look for Quigo and its competitors to effectively kill the shotgun approach of Internet advertising. People want laser beams now — highly targeted and cost-effective.
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