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Tile Raises $2.6M For Lost And Found Bluetooth

July 24, 2013

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We have been wondering for years why there isn’t an easy tagging product so that you can locate your stuff in your garage, closets, etc. The find my iPhone feature works so well we thought this would work for other products. So we are not surprised to see that Tile has found lots of people who are interested in investing via Self-starter. Tile was incubated in the Silicon Valley mobile accelerator Tandem Capital.

What’s interesting here is that Tile allows you to find stuff that is well outside of BlueTooth range as it networks its community who are on Bluetooth via cell phones to track down lost objects.

Tile is taking orders for $25-a-piece tags via its web site.

Even though we like the idea we wonder why 50K people donated? Is there a particular use-case? Is find my stolen bike it? They are fairly big – matchbook size – wouldn’t a thief simply spot a Tile and throw it away? From its promos, Tile thinks the key uses cases are bikes, wallets, purses and keys. What about dogs? Or kids?

The most common complaints seems to be that it only lasts for a year, then you need a new one.

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