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SolarCity Helps Walmart Light Up Stores In Ohio

March 4, 2013

The nation’s largest retailer is continuing its goal of 100 percent of their energy being generated from renewable sources as Walmart (WMT :NYSE) announced today that they will be installing 4.7 megawatts (MW) on 12 store rooftops throughout Ohio.

Once again Walmart is turning to SolarCity (SCTY :NASDAQ) who is undertaking its first projects in the “Buckeye State”. Upon completion, SolarCity will increase the amount of solar energy generated in the state by 10 percent.

For SolarCity, today’s announcement is another solid win for a company that has installed solar panels for Walmart in California and Arizona. The combination of large-scale rooftop projects like the ones they are installing for Walmart and its core residential business should keep investors happy with SolarCity, unlike many other companies in the solar industry.

Shares of SolarCity were up .39 percent at the end of trading and Wal-Mart shares closed 2.12 percent higher.

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