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NextDoor Raises $21.3M For Local Crime Blotter

February 12, 2013

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San Francisco-based Nextdoor has raised a big $21.3M funding round led by Greylock Partners with existing investors Benchmark, DAG Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Allen & Co. and Pinnacle Ventures, as well as new investors Bezos Expeditions and Google Ventures. The company operates mostly email based social networks for neighborhoods and says it has a foothold in 8K neighborhoods. In our neighborhood the service is broadly used. Most of the posts are about crime. We can see why Nextdoor goes viral — it takes just one person reporting a home invasion and the email about it gets rapid distribution.

One potential headache for Nextdoor is moderation. We read one post by a user asking others what they make of a “creepy bike guy.” It seems like rants could get out of control.

We have not seen ads on the site or email but assume that at some point that will be the business model. If most of the content is about crime that might be a tough sell. They have also started a classifieds section which seems promising given that CraigsList is taking hits over scams.

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