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Love Home Swap Raises $1.28M

November 26, 2012




London-based Love Home Swap has raised $1.28M led by MMC Ventures for its home swapping site.  We really like the concept of the home swap. Last summer we did rented a home for a month-long trip, and then rented our home out. We were able to rent our home for more than the cost of the house we rented so that worked to our advantage. However, we did have to come up with the payment for the house we were renting and there was a chance we wouldn’t find a long term vacation renter for our house. So ideally we would have done a home swap. The reason we didn’t do home swapping is it that there are much fewer options. We had a specific idea about when and where we wanted to travel to and its hard to orchestrate that with a home swap. The other challenge is that with home swaps both parties do want to feel that you are getting an equivalent value.

Looking at LoveHomeSwap listings they do have a nice set of homes so we plan to give it a whirl come next summer. The site does have a fair amount of competition including HomeExchange and


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