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App Search’s Quixey Raises $20M

June 7, 2012






Palo Alto-based Quixey has raised $20M in series B from from Atlantic Bridge Capital, SK Telecom Ventures, TransLink Capital, US Venture Partners, WI Harper Group and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors. The 3 year old company has raised $4.2M.

Quixey has built a search engine for finding apps (search for Vietnamese dictionay app for iPhone, etc). If you haven’t heard of Quixey that’s because its a white label solution. Quixey primarily licenses partners its software to power the backend of their own app search products. These partners include OEMs, mobile carriers, web platforms, browsers, and search engines. Quixey says it can’t disclose the companies using its service today.

Quixey has no shortage of rivals including AppsFire, Chomp (bought by Apple), Mimvi and Appolicious.

We like the market here. Google and other bigger businesses have not made a move here. Even Apple had to buy Chomp vs. building this in-house. If Quixey can build on its white-label success it will be hard to displace.


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