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FlightFox Raises $800K For Crowd-Sourced Travel Agency

May 29, 2012




Australia-based FlightFox has raised $800K from angel investors. The site’s user reward helpers with fees that range from $19-$39 to help them to find better and cheaper flights than they can on Expedia or or other flight booking services.

It makes sense to us that the founders of FlightFox feel that they can solve a problem. The travel agency business has declined as self-service travel booking sites rose. But for many travelers, especially if they are taking expensive trips, there is always the nagging feeling that they are not getting the best flight. So they can invest hours in research but still it would be great to have some help from an expert travel helper.

The two founders of FlightFox have moved to the Bay Area to take part in YCombinator.

FlightFox has a case study that shows a trip from Taiwan → Denmark → France which would cost Expedia $5851, then a travel agent quoted $285 while Flightfox found the flight for $1491.

We do think that the biggest challenge for the business will be to recruit folks who will take part in finding flights. Sure there are a lot of people on Mechanical Turk who can do this but travel booking does require some experience in booking travel. Maybe FlightFox can provide training to such people.








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