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Easy Analytics Mixpanel Raises $10.25M

May 10, 2012




San Francisco-based Mixpanel has raised $10.25M from Andreesen Horowitz. The company has previously raised seed funding from YCombinator, Sequoia Capital, Square COO Keith Rabois, PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, and Bebo co-founder Michael Birch.

We have talked with co-founder Suhail Doshi in recent months. He’s a one man gang who manages business development in addition to all other work at his up to this point scrappy startup. Mixpanel says it is working with Path and Viddy to power their analytics. We know of a few other fast growing mobile companies that use Mixpanel. For these companies they can either decide that they want to build their own custom analytics which will take up at least one engineer’s time and be full of bugs and be slow to update or they can just slot in Mixpanel. Analytics might not be super differentiated but who cares – end users generally want to see the same data points in a familiar way. As an end user, actually, we would love to see Mixpanel build a standard for analtyics as we get tired of looking at new reports layouts and figuring out their quirks.

It’s interesting to see that there seems to be a second wave of analytics companies like Mixpanel that are getting traction. In past years we have heard from startups that they don’t want to be in the analytics business as there is no money to be made there. So analytics companies would transition into the ads space in many cases.

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