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SEO Subscription’s SEOmoz Raises $18M

May 1, 2012

Seattle’s Seomoz has raised an $18M round from rom Foundry Group and Ignition Partners. In 2007, the company had raised $1.2M from Ignition Partners and Curious Office.

As the company notes in their blog, they are very transparent about their progress, including their revenue numbers, ownership stake in the company and emails with Foundry Partners’ Brad Feld. CEO Rand Fishkin doesn’t really say why he’s so over the top transparent, but our assumption is that he knows that it will lead to lots of links and that is the company’s bread and butter. Still, it is refreshing to see a company going to such links and while their may be some blow-back from some like competitors who take advantage of this data for the most part we imagine it is all positive and perhaps it will become a case study for others who want to go the full Monty with their corporate details.

The company charges from $100 to $500 per month for a subscription.

SEOmoz is a great success story as the company was founded by Rand Fishkin and his mom Gillian who endured some painful debt cycles and failed business and investment rounds.








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