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IntelliVid – Profile

June 9, 2005

HQ: Cambridge, MA
Founded: 2002
Management: Patrick Sobalvarro is President and CEO. Sobalvarro was formerly a Senior Principal at Flagship Ventures. He was the co-founder and CEO of Trenza Corp., a founding team member and bridge CTO at, and a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. He has also held senior staff roles and consulted at several startups, Digital, Sun, and the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The company has a strong MIT pedigree.
Investors: Recent round of $4 million is from Flagship Ventures, Egan-Managed Capital, and DFJ New England.
Business Model: IntelliVid has developed video analysis technology that allows retailers to efficiently sort through closed circuit TV footage. The company says the retail industry suffers from losses of over $33 billion each year because of theft and such – the Intellivid system aims to give retailers the ability to analyze their video assets efficiently to reduce theft and increase profits.
Competitors: 3VR, Panasonic
Dirt: IntelliVid shares some interesting points on its site: In many cases, a stolen high-value item requires a retailer to sell approximately 10 more to make up for the loss. Half of all retail theft is caused by employees, making it the most expensive form of larceny that US citizens face. Sounds like a market opportunity to us.

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