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Predixis – Profile

May 12, 2005

HQ: Monrovia, CA
Founded: Circa 2001. Predixis is a spin-off of Parasoft — an international software tools company with over 250 employees worldwide.
Management: Dr. Adam Kolawa is Founder & Chairman and Marc Campbell is CEO. Catherine Bautista is “Registered Dietitian.”
Investors: Just raised $3 million in a Series A.
Business Model: Core product is MusicMagic, “personal DJ” software that provides continuously varied playlists. The software analyzes your music and then creates playlists which, in theory, should help you get your groove on. There are free and premium ($30) versions. MusicMagic also has a food counterpart: FoodMagic, the world’s first meal “unplanner.” We’re not making this up. It’s a proactive meal proposer which takes into account your tastes, diet, and lifestyle preferences when suggesting meals, corresponding recipes and even a cumulative shopping list. Predixis says its matching engine can be applied to other vertical markets like Art, Video, and Books.
Competitors: MoodLogic
Dirt: We haven’t taken this software for a spin yet, but the reviews look pretty good. Is this a business or just a cool software app? Given that the company just raised some money, Predixis must be making a decent case that it can bring in some real revenues.

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