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Netscapees Launch Yet Another Start-Up

April 26, 2005 reports that former Netscape heavies Mike Homer and Marc Andreessen have teamed up to launch a free file-sharing service called the Open Media Network. The network will focus on public television and radio, video blogs, and indie films. It is being positioned as a free public service network that fully protects content producers’ copyrights.
According to the report: “Part TiVo, part BitTorrent file swapping, the network puts publishers’ content into a peer-to-peer distribution network that could help lower bandwidth costs substantially. The service then creates a TV-like program directory that potential viewers can use to find and subscribe to automatic downloads of individual shows.”
Sounds like a cool idea to us – and it also helps to bring Homer’s flagging start-up, Kontiki, back into the spotlight. Kontiki will provide the underpinnings for the Open Media Network’s peer-to-peer grid.
Read: Kontiki – Profile – [a:c]
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