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Ray Lane: Am I Hot or Not?

March 15, 2005

Ray Lane, the former COO of Oracle and current partner at Kleiner Perkins, thinks he’s hot – or something like that. He recently told the guys over at Silicon Beat: “I think I’m a really, really good-looking guy, I stay in shape,” Lane said. “Yet the press doesn’t say anything about me being good-looking. I just don’t get it.”
Narcissus of Sand Hill?
As tempted as we are to leave this jewel of a quote way out of context, thereby letting Ray Lane fall on the sword of his own vanity, we must let Ray off the hook. He was actually referring to the latest round of stories that fulminate about Kim Polese’s appearance as much they do her entrepreneurial skills. Lane heads the Board of Polese’s latest venture, SpikeSource.
Ray Lane might not get it, but we do. Frankly, Ms. Polese’s looks ARE unusual for a Silicon Valley executive and the fact that hype-mongering magazine editors would want to make a meal of it should come as no surprise. Is Polese guilty of pimping her own corporate agenda with feminine guile and good looks? We don’t really know or care.
Janelle Brown, long-time Salon writer, took a comprehensive look at this very issue in 1999. See below.
Read: Beauty and the geeks []
See: A big picture of Kim Polese taken by our old pal Bart Nagel
Read: SpikeSource Profile – [alarm:clock]

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