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Gizoogle Takes off. Got Tude, Get Traffic

March 11, 2005

We recently met a guy named John Beatty who runs a group of sites under the WabbyWorks brand. Beatty works alone out of his house. So it amazes us how much cash his sites take in from the IM icons or happy faces that he offers. Now Beatty has hit it big again with his new site Gizoogle. It’s a parody of Google’s search engine that returns results in Snoop Dogg’s izzle parlance – ask your street friends if you are too stodgy to grok. But, as an example, here is what you get when you search on the gentle master-VC, and Google boardmember, John Doerr. He is now Jizzle Doerr of the firm Pusha Perkins, Caufield & Nigga and his bio reads:
“John Doerr joined Intel in 1974 jizzle as they invented tha famous “8080” 8 bit microprocizzles. Keep’n it gangsta dogg. At Intel, he held various engineer’n, spendin’ n managizzles assignments, n was one of they top-ranked sales execizzles. Keep the party crackin while I’m steady rappin’. In 1980, he joined Kleina Perkins Caufield & Playa n sponsored a series of investments includ’n Compaq, Cypress, Intuit, Macromedia, Netscape, Lotus, Millennium Pharmaceutizzles, S3, Sun Microsizzles,, n Symantec.
J-to-tha-izzohn was tha rhymin’ CEO of Silicon Baller n currently serves on tha Board of Directors of Google, Intuit,, Homestorizzle, PalmOne, n Sun Microsizzles. His privately held company board seats include Good Technology, Friendsta, n Segway. I’m a mutha fuckin 2-time felon. He holds patents fo` computa memory devices he invented as a design enginea at Monsanto. Recent interests include education, tha Internet n biotechnology genomics.
Jizzy was born one of fizzle children n raised in St upside yo head. Louis, Missouri. He holds a BS n MS in Electrical Engineer’n fizzle Rice University n an MBA from tha Harvard Graduate Schoo` of Business Administrizzles. Chill as I take you on a trip.

In business just 2 months, Gizoogle has comparable traffic to one of the most popular newspaper sites on the Net – SFGate, which has a larger office, dozens of employees, and a sizable marketing budget.
We imagine that Gizoogle has a limited shelf life and that it’s traffic spike will whither with the novelty. But who knows – our hat is off to Beatty. We are certain that the type of business that Beatty is building is one that VCs would never consider. It’s a painful boardroom when the CEO tries to explain how a search engine for niggas could expect a hockey-stick.
View – Gizoogle
View – John Doerr’s Gizoogle translation
Read –, the Wizard of Izzle (Washington Post)

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