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Demo Wrap-up

February 18, 2005

Demo has always been a good conference, but thanks to blogging this year its importance has magnified. What used to be a clubby event with a few hundred people is now broadcast to tens, probably hundreds of thousands of people via the Web.
A few other items that stood out about this year’s event are that: There were a lot of interesting companies there this year. The a:c is going to be fun work for us. Several companies continue to have gremlins in their demos. It just can’t happen. If it does, it’s time to find a new line of work. VC Dave Hornick lists his advise for presenters that’s all for common-sense: Do a good demo, be spontaneous, have fun, don’t try to be funny if your not. Also, the new elevator pitch now seems to always try to steal Google’s mojo, as in “It’s Google For Your Life” “It’s Google for your friends.” It’s past tired.

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