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Quova – Profile

February 4, 2005

quova logo.gif
HQ: Mountain View, CA
Founded: January 2000
Management: President and CEO is Marie Alexander. Her resume casts her as a visionary, which is always annoying and is often a cover for the fact that the person has never run a company before.
Investors: Quova has raised over $32M in venture funding from Mobius Venture Capital, IDG Ventures, Nexus Group, Schoffstall Ventures, Fidelity Ventures and VeriSign.
Business Model: It’s vital for every major Web site, particularly those that rely on advertising, to know where on Earth their visitors are coming from. Advertisers will want to know if a site gets most of its visitors from, say, China because it will pay less for those visitors. Quova sells software that provides this data. Quova projects profitability in 2005. Quova acquired a competitor – Infosplit – in 2004.
Competitors: Geobytes, Digital Envoy.
Dirt: Competitor Geobytes provides Quova’s basic functionality for $50, however, their product is for smaller sites and this is such important data so Quova finds itself going head to head with Digital Envoy. As the Internet ad market continues to pick up steam, more and more sites will need Quova’s products – a great place to be a salesman.

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