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Dyson/Doerr v. McNamee

January 5, 2005

Tony over at Always-On provides a transcript of a November exchange between some of the biggest figures in venture capital – Esther Dyson, John Doerr, and Roger McNamee, all prognosticating on the subject of electronic medical records. All think that it would be great to live in a world with electronic medical records and that it is a vast addressable market. McNamee calls the Bush administration ‘anti-science’ and, consequently throws water on the idea that electronic medical records will get off the drawing board any time soon. In contrast, Doerr and Dyson confidently say that this will become a reality within a year. Dyson even thinks that Google and Yahoo will pull it off. Whoever is right, it amazes us that top VCs are so comfortable with making such sweepng predictions when they know full well that nobody knows the answer.
Read – E-Medical Records are Coming (Always-On)

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