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Tony Perkins – Open Source Media Mogul?

December 3, 2004

A story from the AP profiles our old Red Herring boss, Tony Perkins, and his attempt to merge the magazine and blog worlds. Tony’s AlwaysOn, a high-end business blog site, plans to launch a print component early next year.
Our other old boss, Jason Pontin, weighs in with some well-placed skepticism: “If you believe there are enough people interested in reading a magazine devoted to bunch of insiders writing with great jubilation about the importance of their own community, then Tony’s approach could be quite effective.”
And no profile of Tony Perkins would be complete without a cloying, boosterish comment from the Tim Draper, the world’s most improbably successful VC and an old pal of Tony’s: “It’s a great idea,” said Draper, managing director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson in Menlo Park. “Tony has a really good feel for this market. He always seems to ‘get it’ before the rest of us get it.”
If Tony is great at antyhing, it’s the ability to turn a deaf ear to his critics – and to forge ahead with his ideas. We’ll see if he “gets it” this time around.
Read: High-Tech Publisher Tries ‘Blogozine’ [AP via Yahoo]

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