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Sepaton – Profile

December 1, 2004

HQ: Southborough, MA
Founded: NA
Management: President and CEO is Mike Worhach, a storage industry vet. He was President of Auspex Systems, the original developer of Network Attached Storage devices, and also did hard time at EMC and Unisys. Rest of the team are definitely grown-ups – many served at either Auspex or EMC.
Investors: Jerusalem Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, and Valhalla Partners invested $23.5 million Series D financing in March of 2004. Not sure what went down for Series A-C, though Jerusalem Venture Partners was involved in earlier rounds.
Business Model: Develops a family of data protection products for medium and large data centers that manage multiple terabytes of data daily. Without getting too geeky, Sepaton (That’s “No Tapes” spelled backwards!) offers a hard disk-based virtual tape library system that emulates multiple tape formats. Products are designed to integrate into existing customer environments without disruption.
Competition: Data Domain, Candera, Diligent Technologies
Dirt: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: sexless space with sexless products. Also located too close to our least favorite place on earth: Framingham. That said, sexless companies can still make a lot of money and Sepaton may be no exception. Big storage players like EMC have fallen from grace over the last few years, thereby opening up opportunities for a small-fry like Sepaton. And even if the EMC’s of the world rebound, it could still bode well for Sepaton – could be acquisition bait.


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