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Reports of Intel’s Death…

November 29, 2004

In today’s NYT, John Markoff looks at the uncertain prospects facing the tech bellwether Intel. The company’s stock dropped 25% this year, there was a high profile flop in digital televison chips, Advanced Micro Devices is gaining ground, and Paul Otellini is scheduled to take the reins as CEO.
Paul Otellini:
Can He Chip Away at the Problems?

Yawn. Sure, these are all valid points, but this is Intel we’re talking about – and it’s a bellwether for a reason. We agree that Intel’s rough patch is far from over, but if we could afford Lexis/Nexis, we’d wager that you could look back over Intel’s history and find one of these hand-wringing stories every few years. What doesn’t kill Intel only makes it stronger.
Read: The Disco Ball of Failed Hopes and Other Tales From Inside Intel – [NYT – reg. req’d]


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