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July 29, 2004

You Software
HQ: Portland, OR
Sector: Personal Productivity Software
Action: $2M Series A
Investors: SmartForest (Lead), Cedar Grove Investments, Second Avenue Partners.
Cyanea Systems
HQ: Oakland, CA
Sector: Enterprise Software
Action: Acquired by IBM for undisclosed ammount.
EA Buys Criterion Software
In a move to gain control over software that is key to its business cycles, EA has bought Criterion, maker of the 3D graphics software product Renderware, which is critical to game development. EA says it will continue to allow competitors to buy Renderware, however, we expect Activision and other large Renderware users to nervously look for other options. EA will now have a forward look at new Renderware features and will be able to drive product development to its own benefit.


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