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Centzy Raises $1.6M For Local Business Listings

March 27, 2013

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NYC-based Centzy has raised $1.6M in seed funding from Cowboy Ventures, Founder Collective, Lightbank, ff Venture Capital, and angels.  The company had raised $825K.

Centzy provides local data on shops similar to Yelp or Google local listings. But the company thinks it has niche data that is not provided by those services. Some services like salons or nail services don’t list prices on Yelp. They also promote that the have hours on businesses, but that does seem like data that is widely available. They have reviews but those are from Yelp. Centzy is currently available in a dozen cities.

It seems that rather than try to license this content, Centzy’s model is to try to become a destination site. Is there enough value here for a destination site. Today our feeling is no. We wouldn’t go to Centzy to review local services just because they have pricing. But it seems that Centzy wants to try to negotiate deals with local services. If we could get better deals then yes it would make sense.

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