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Taboola Raises $10M for Video Ads

June 26, 2012




NYC-based Taboola has raised a $10M in Series C round led by Marker, with existing investors Evergreen Venture Partners and WGI Group. The Israel-founded company has now raised $24.4M.

Taboola has a lot of traction with top publishers like the Wall Street Journal, which runs Taboola’s recommended videos as content that pays like ads do. The advertisers are often other Web sites that pay Taboola for video plays, that they monetize with pre-roll ads. Taboola boasts more than 300 publishers recommending more than half a billion videos per day and 130M+ users each month.

Taboola’s primary territories are the US and UK, but it is using the cash to expand to other countries.

Taboola is led by Adam Singolda who previously was in the Israeli military.

We recently have met with Taboola and buy the hype. The model works for advetisers and publishers and they now just need to make it scalable and global.










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