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SimpleReach Pivots To Social Analytics

June 15, 2012

NYC-based Simple Reach has pivoted from its initial product called The Slide, which is a bottom of the page contextual content + advertising unit. The company’s new focus is on social analytics.

The Simple Reach team is based in New York but moved to the Bay Area in 2011 to participate in the AngelPad program. They are now back in New York. The company has raised $1.5M from Village Ventures and High Peaks Venture Partners.

For its new product launch partners include Time Inc, Demand Media, Hearst. SimpleReach also has plans to appeal to long-tail publishers. The value to publishers is that they can follow SimpleReach to understand what affect their articles are having in social channels including of course Facebook and Twitter but also secondary services like Stumbleupon and Reddit that have a big impact for some sites. Publishers using Google Analytics and ChartBeat don’t see the impact of social broken out.

A primary challenge that we see for SimpleReach is simply that there are a lot of niche analytics companies from video to mobile and then there are the generalists like Google Analytics. Many publishers don’t have the time to learn what are the differences. Once they investigate Simple Reach we believe publishers will see that indeed it is valuable to understand which of your articles is getting social traction.














View – site and TechCrunch write-up

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