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Social Networking – The Japanese Way

June 17, 2005

When in Tokyo on business, try to get an invite to DotBar. Online social networking is as popular in Japan as it is anywhere else, however, in Tokyo one eccentric entrepreneur operates a social networking bar called DotBar. We call him eccentric because patrons vouch that he dresses like a beautiful woman, has become a celebrity blogger/bar-owner, and fawns on the likes of Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer in photos.
Before you can order a scotch at DotBar, it’s necessary to have a bar member invite you, then in turn you would gain privileges to invite others. Dotbar barflys talk about the Internet and can connect their laptops to flatscreens at their booth. Dotbar’s owner also makes trips to US Internet conferences, records his trips on video, then throws parties at the bar to show the videos. It’s more fun than karaoke.
Japanese blogger.jpg
DotBar’s Owner
View – KandaNews Network

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