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a:c on M.I.T. Tech Review – TAGSYS Profile

May 4, 2005

This week’s a:c exclusive at
TAGSYS – Venture capitalists continue to look for small, but heady, investments in the RFID market despite the slow adoption of the new technology.
Recent a:c profiles on
Topio – In an information economy, Topio helps its customers protect a core asset: data.
Network Chemistry – Security is one of the biggest problems corporations face when installing wireless networks. One start-up hopes to capture the market by walling off WLANs.
Integrian – Integrian wants its mobile digital video platform tool used to upgrade traditional security and surveillance tapes.
Fotolog – Fotolog is the latest photo-sharing service to pull in funding.
E Ink – With a new investment from Intel, E Ink comes a step closer to broadly commercializing its electronic ink technology.

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