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a:c on M.I.T Tech Review – Integrian Profile

April 13, 2005
Every Wednesday the a:c contributes weekly exclusives to, including a private company profile and a roundup of the week’s tech venture capital, IPO, and M&A activity. This week’s exclusive a:c company profile is of Integrian, a mobile digital video start-up. Please check it out here.
If you’re not familiar with our editorial partnership with the M.I.T. Tech Review, check out our original announcement here.
Recent a:c profiles on
Dilithium Networks
Fotolog – Fotolog is the latest photo-sharing service to pull in funding.
E Ink – With a new investment from Intel, E Ink comes a step closer to broadly commercializing its electronic ink technology.
DeepNines Technologies – Don’t mess with Texas. Or anyplace else the Internet reaches. Dallas-based DeepNines Technologies is working to secure corporate networks with edge-of-the-network software.

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