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Jobster – Profile

April 6, 2005

jobster logo.gif
HQ: Seattle, WA
Founded: 2004
Management: The team is a bit green but seems to be doing a good job. CEO Jason Goldberg was a manager at AOL Time Warner and then did strategic planning and alliances for T-Mobile. CTO Phil Bogle developed applications at Microsoft, including Internet Explorer and MSN Explorer. He also worked at startup Avogadro.
Investors: In March 2005, Jobster raised $8M in series A funding from Trinity Ventures and Ignition Partners. Its seed round was $2.8M.
Business Model: The site is a recruiting tool for companies seeking to lure talent that is not necessarily in the job market – they’re called “passive” job seekers. It uses social networking techniques to get friends and colleagues to forward job searches to people who might be a good fit. Jobster charges $399 for each job posting. The company boasts that, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Pfizer, and SBC Communications are early customers, but its unclear at this point if these companies are committed to Jobster or are getting results.
Competitors:, Monster, Careerbuilder, Snagajob, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Ryze.
Dirt: Jobster is a more honest version of Linked-in, which has never been overt enough that it is about getting jobs or recruiting for jobs. Also, its business model makes more sense. If the company can demonstrate success to just a few Fortune 500 companies at $399 per job req, Jobster will be off to the races. Also, these guys have cool comics design theme going on their site. We commend them for showing a little creativity.

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