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MarketLive – Profile

March 9, 2005

HQ: Petaluma, CA.
Founded: 1995 (as Multimedia Live)
Management: CEO and founder is Ken Burke. He started the company with $500. COO Robert Honeycutt has more lengthy management experience; was COO for software firm Barra, CEO at a few companies including, and a VP at the tech investment bank Hambrecht and Quist. Toby Lenk, President of Gap Inc. Direct and the former CEO of eToys, joined the Board last fall. He knows his retail eCommerce and, depending on his level of involvement, could “add value” as some like to say.
Investors: Raised $7.5 million from Sequoia Capital in December 2003.
Business Model: eCommerce software for catalogers, retailers, direct marketers, and manufacturers. Company claims its software typically increases clients’ online sales by 25% to 450% in the first year. Software currently used by over 150 customers.
Competitors: MainStreet Commerce, iCode, StoreFront, and Amazon.
Dirt: You get the sense that MarketLive has been dawdling along, waiting for the promise of online commerce to catch up with the company’s core product. Companies that sought to help other companies build online shopping sites went through a brutal consolidation a few years ago. MarketLive probably took its share of lumps, but an investment in 2003 from Sequoia suggests that business prospects look decent. However, we view Amazon’s growing presence as an eCommerce back-end provider as a sizable threat to standalone companies like MarketLive. Amazon offers not only battle-tested commerce software, but a huge audience of shoppers.

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