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Traverse Networks – Profile

February 25, 2005

HQ: Fremont, CA
Founded: 2001
Management: CEO Doug Brackbill was previously Chairman and CEO of Visto, a wireless email company, and before that he was VP at SkyTel.
Investors: Labrador Ventures, Foundation Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners invested $8.5M in Series B.
Business Model: Product integrates home, office, and mobile voice systems into a single integrated message box, across operators. It is in the nascent stages and it is unclear what the companies strategy is – channel, partnership, direct sales?
Competitors: Outsmart
Dirt: Traverse is targeting a consumer problem that others have tried in the past with unsatisfying results. The product has received favorable reviews and if anything, the problem for consumers is even more acute. One thing that Traverse might not have bet on is the rapid growth of Skype. Skype is being used for business purposes and it solves the primary problem that Traverse is taking on – voice mail portability. Still, telecom use is so broad that Traverse could grow like mad and still not butt heads with Skype for years to come.

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