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February 21, 2005
HQ: Raleigh, NC
Founded: 1997 (formerly, then, before it acquired from Getty Images in 2001)
Management: Company was founded by childhood buddies Joshua Chodniewicz and Michael Marston (both 31). Given that they started the company when they were 23 years old and in college, neither has prior experience. They do, however, resemble two parts of a boy band.
art.comfounder2.jpg founder1.jpg Founders Or Backstreet Boys?
Investors: In February 2005, the company raised $30M in the first part of a round of financing from Polaris Ventures. Polaris VC and former Washington head Alan Spoon joined the board along with InterActive Corp. VP Dan Marriott. Founders pocketed about $10M of the round.
Business Model: is an eCommerce company that merchandizes posters and other art products. As with all eCommerce companies, stakes its business on customer satisfaction. Company claims to have been profitable since 2000.
Competitors: Company has strong competition from Emmeryville, CA-based, which has higher revenues and head count than The company is funded by Benchmark Capital and does a lot more advertising online than There are many other places where artwork can be found online including eBay as well as small outlets found via Froogle and other eCommerce search engines.
Dirt: told employees in February 2005 that they were working on a merger with If they merge, the two companies would have a combined revenue base of more than $80M. That will be enough to take the company public and get solid interest.


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