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Oh Danny Boy

February 18, 2005

The Times of London give the royal treatment to our friend at Index Ventures Daniel Rimer – he’s known on this side of the pond as Danny Rimer. Danny was for a time an Internet analyst in San Francisco for Hambrecht & Quist, but he left for Geneva, Switzerland to join family members to get Index going. There’s not much of substance in the Times’ article other than to point out that Rimer is having a run that any VC would envy. He has three investments that are on the cusp of going platinum: Skype (the next Googlesque IPO), MySQL (the next huge software IPO), and Betfair (the new European wagering phenomenon). One concept that generally isn’t picked up on in the American media is, as Rimer points out, that “We [European VCs] regard eastern Europe as our India,” The engineers behind Skype, for example, work in Tallin in Estonia.
Read – Wanted: Lightning in a Bottle (Times Online)

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