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Red Herring Goes Abroad… Again

February 17, 2005

Netimperative notes that our one-time employer (from another era), Red Herring, is resurfacing in Europe. The U.S. version of the magazine will be distributed in the U.K., “in the hope of pushing it into other European countries as the year goes on.”
We are your humble servants
You’d think Red Herring, especially under new management, would learn from its past transgressions. At least the previous expansion into Europe took place after seven years of successful operation. Before that, copies of the magazine showed up on the occasional European newsstand, but it was hardly a concerted effort on the part of our one person circulation department. We didn’t even open a New York office until year five or so – and the business was profitable.
Alas, it rings hollow with us when Scott Phillips, European product manager for the new Red Herring, sniffs: “We are going to be approaching it with a lot more humility about the whole thing. Red Herring [in its former life] was in danger of becoming part of the industry rather than just covering it.”
In the interest of full disclosure, we left RH of our own accord long before it closed. We have no bitter axe to grind on that front. So we can tell you from a fairly dispassionate distance that the new RH looks and reads like a high school journalism project. And while the management may preach about humility, we’re not sure expansion into Europe is the wisest move.
Alex Vieux, the new head of RH, hails from Europe, so surely he feels comfortable doing business there. But a second-rate product is a second-rate product, no matter what language you speak. We urge the Herring to get things right on its own soil first.
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