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Stop It Steve Jurvetson

February 16, 2005

Will the colleagues and friends of Steve Jurvetson please have a frank discussion with him about his blog? Please remind him that people are interested in him because he invested money in Hotmail and received a fantastic return when it was acquired. Other than a few toadies, the rest of world is utterly perplexed by his blog. It reads like an exercise in sci-fi free association. Until he ceases with his tedious and pompous airings, we at the a:c will continue to call for legislation mandating that Jurvi be required to wear a clown suit during business hours. If you think that we are being catty or cruel, we offer his latest post, which we found to be neither resonant nor coherent:
“While reading Jeff Hawkins’ book On Intelligence, I was struck by the resonant coherence of his memory-prediction framework for how the cortex works. It was like my first exposure to complexity theory at the Santa Fe Institute – providing a perceptual prism for the seeing the consilience across various scientific conundrums. So, I had to visit him at the Redwood Neuroscience Institute.

It’s Jurvi, the Scary-smart Clown
As a former chip designer, I kept thinking of comparisons between the different ‘memories’ – those in our head and those in our computers. It seems that the developmental trajectory of electronics is recapitulating the evolutionary history of the brain. Specifically, both are saturating with a memory-centric architecture. Is this a fundamental attractor in computation and cognition? Might a conceptual focus on speedy computation be blinding us to a memory-centric approach to artificial intelligence?”
Read – Thanks for The Memory – (The J Curve)


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