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AzoogleAds – Profile

February 16, 2005

HQ: Markham, Ontario, Canada
Founded: 2000
Management: Co-founders/co-CEOs are Joe Speiser and Alex Zhardanovsky, a couple of guys who used to publish Web sites and decided that they could do a better job than their ad network partners.
Investors: In February 2005, TA Associates and Stripes Group invested an undisclosed amount.
Business Model: Company provides affiliate marketing and online lead generation using the cost-per-action (CPA) model. For advertisers, delivers targeted direct marketing and fast return on investment. For publishers, delivers campaigns that maximize earnings on inventory.
Competitors: Adteractive, Casale Media
Dirt: The kids in Canada have the Internet ad racket dialed in. The Internet ads business has been such house of cards for small publishers that Azoogle has been a success simply because they pay on time, people trust their reporting, and they pay more than most others. The company needs to clean itself up a bit. Spaumhause lists founder Alex Zhardanovsky as a top offender.


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