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Angel Investing Across the Pond

February 16, 2005

From across the pond, the Daily Telegraph reports that the angel investing scene is alive and well in England, if only returning modest gains to investors. The Brits have always been quietly savvy about venture capital investing, with particular hotbeds of investment activity around Cambridge and Oxford.
Brit Angels… not to be confused with California Angels
According to the article: “In a recent speech given to GEIF members, Jon Moulton, an experienced business angel and the head of Alchemy Partners, the private equity firm, revealed how his own portfolio of 50-odd private unquoted investments had performed. He describes only three as “financially spectacular”. Most, while ‘not brilliant’, are still ticking along; a few have gone bust.”
If you want to learn more, check out the Great Eastern Investment Forum, “a Cambridge-based outfit that holds quarterly meetings where up to eight start-up companies pitch for funding to between 50 and 100 potential investors.”
Read – Do you want to be an angel? [London Telegraph – reg. req.]

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