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February 14, 2005

HQ: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Founded: 2001
Management: Founder/CEO is Robin Hopper. He was previously VP for Strategy at Ibex Technologies, which sold fax-on-demand technology. It was bought by Castelle in 1997.
Investors: Unspecified angel investors.
Business Model: Company started out as an ASP, then focused on content management and in 2004 it officially embraced corporate blogging with a new version ASP blogging platform. Company acquired Webpartz in 2003. The secret sauce in their new version, Perspectives, is that it allows corporate bloggers to post for access only by pre-set lists. So a CEO could have separate posts accessible only by his management team, the whole company, his marketing department, etc.
Competitors: Moveable Type, Traction Software.
Dirt: After 6 years in business, iUpload has to realize that now is their time to rise and shine, or remain a sleepy Ontario startup. The comany is presenting at Demo this year which is a good start. They have a solid product in a great niche. Corporations have been slower to adopt blogging than individuals, but that is quickly changing. And we can see too many reasons to list why Blogger or Moveable Type won’t work for corporate blogging.

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