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The Mobile Media Company – Profile

February 11, 2005

HQ: Oslo, Norway
Founded: 1993
Management: CEO is Karsten Hauge (that’s a male name in Norway). He was previously GM at Telenor Link, a Nordic telecom.
Investors: Company raised 7M Euros in debt in February 2005. In August 2004, it raised 4.3 Norwegian Krone from Telenor Ventures for a 30% stake.
Business Model: Company partners with content companies like ABC, Univision, and the Weather Channel then resells the content, filtered through formatting and delivery technology, to wireless operators. Company claims its European operations are profitable, despite having a 200+ headcount, and it is using debt to expand globaly.
Competitors: Vindigo, Airborne Entertainment
Dirt: The company is already a success in Europe and to a lesser extent in Asia. Based on precedent, we have our doubts that they can pull it off in the US. We just can’t think of many content aggregators from Europe who have succeeded in the US. Sure Nokia and Skype have done well, but content is a different beast.


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