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The Defendant King – Michael Robertson

February 9, 2005

MIT Tech Review interviews former MP3 CEO Michael Robertson as he launches his new company We have to hand it to Robertson, the music industry spat in his face so many times in the courtroom he’ll never get that stuff off and yet he’s come back for more. The new music service’s pitch is that the music you buy you own outright. The downside is that the major labels wouldn’t agree to this offer so his music is from the indy labels. Robertson will also be hawking a Linux music hub called MP3Beamer. We suspect that Robertson is taking a page out of Steve Jobs’ playbook. Jobs is leveraging music and the iPod to get people more interested in Apple, and it certainly has worked. Robertson is seeking to use music and MP3Tunes to get people more interested in Linux – his main business is the Linux platform Linspire.
Read – Michael Robertson Unveils Linux Music Service, Home Media Hub (MIT Tech Review)
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