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Advertisements for About $400M 

February 8, 2005

The blogosphere dislikes We’ve read several commentators poking fun at news that is for sale and that media and search engines are bidding on it. owner Primedia might earn in the range of $350M to $500M from the sale. We suspect bloggers don’t like because it’s embarrassingly similar to blogging – the real difference being that it is centralized. People still can’t get over the fact that Primedia bought (AKA – the Mining Company) back in 2000 for $690M! But given the sick amount of traffic that enjoys combined with the current prices for online advertising, this valuation clearly can be justified. The last big online media sale – Marketwatch which sold to Dow Jones for $519M – might have more credibility and perhaps a higher ad rate, but gets a lot more sticky eyeballs.

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