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Bloglines Reported Purchased by Ask Jeeves

February 7, 2005

In our profile of Bloglines in August 2004, we speculated “With its latest release, Bloglines seems to have gained the mojo in this sector, but we expect several go-rounds of leap-frogging. (CEO) Fletcher has already integrated functionality that the portals would respect when contemplating acquisitions, including a blog management tool and personalization.”
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While we’re not aware of the financial details of the acquisition – it could have been a fire-sale for all we know – we suspect that Ask Jeeves was interested in Bloglines for its mojo more than anything else. That could be said of Google’s acquisition of Blogger, whose technology was crap that Google could have bettered in months. The blog community has shown a tendency to latch on to the small guy. When big players like Google and Ask Jeeves make an acquisition of beloved smaller players, they are hoping that some of the pixie dust will rub off on them. A source in the CNET article speculates that Ask Jeeves finds value in the blog archives that Bloglines has amassed, but we question if that is worth much.
One other item that we are taking note of is that this story was broken by the blog – CNET has higher standards of credibility than most blogs, so it put a question mark after the story headline, to read “Ask Jeeves to buy Bloglines?”. As it happens, the same thing happened to the alarm:clock when the San Jose Mercury News picked up our breaking of the news that a Shutterfly IPO is imminent. They used the headline “Shutterfly IPO?” We don’t blame them, but believe that blogs will continue to break stories causing newspaper editors to run the story, with a question mark at the end of their headlines.
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