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Winners Takes All

February 7, 2005

Other than the few hours spent watching the Superbowl, we spent the weekend engrossed in the just-released new novel by Eric B. Martin – Winners. The book is a love song to San Francisco, set in the midst of the Internet bubble. Certainly there have been bookshelves filled with non-fiction written about the bubble, but this is the first work of fiction that we have come across to put this era in perspective. We know that the author served under blog overlord Nick Denton at the startup, and he nails the details.
Alright, in fairness, Martin happens to be a great friend, but we still love this book.
Should Martin or his publisher be interested in a blurb for the back cover from the a:c – here you are:
Advance Praise for Winners, by Eric B. Martin:
“Martin’s literary abs are fully ripped.” alarm:clock
“It’s not Dave Eggers meets Tom Wolfe. After reading Winners, you’ll want to toss that piffle into the trash, then scrub your hands clean until they bleed.” alarm:clock
“By the second cosmos-expanding chapter of Winners, Martin had made me his bitch.” alarm:clock
“We laughed. We cried. It’s the feel-good novel of the year!” alarm:clock
View – Eric B. Martin’s site
View – Winners on


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