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February 3, 2005

HQ: Redwood City, CA
Founded: 1999
Management: Interesting. The company currently has no President or CEO. Chairman/co-founder is Shinya Akimane, who was CEO for a period. He is credentialed. BS, MS & Ph.D. from Stanford as well as a post-doc at NTT in Japan. Of course he consulted for McKinsey with those creds. Founder is Scott Petry who holds an Engineering SVP title. He was previously a VP at Cygnus Solutions, which was acquired by Redhat.
Investors: Company raised $10M in Series D in September 2003 led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Previous investors are Mobius Venture Capital, August Capital, Sun Microsystems, Summit Accelerator Partners, AltoTech Ventures, and Pacifica Fund.
Business Model: Enterprise email protection against spam, and virus and SMTP attacks before they hit the firewall. Claims to have over 4K customers. Gartner calls them the sector leader in vision and execution. Company claims it tripled its revenues in 2004.
Competitors: Brightmail (Symantec), Frontbridge.
Dirt: Company is growing as fast as spam and viruses. It’s in a real dog-fight with Brightmail which was acquired by Symantec. But it is amazing that given how vital this service is that there isn’t more brisk competition.


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