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Happening Belfast

February 1, 2005

investnorthirelandlogo.jpg tells the inspiring story of an American-Irishman, Rick Bolin, who failed to secure venture capital for his startup Fighting Bull Broadcast Technologies so he took his pitch to Northern Ireland and was able to secure $1.6M from the government agency Invest Northern Ireland and others, provided that he was based out of Belfast.
Now, we surely can’t pass judgement on Bolin’s decision. However, a couple of years ago, a company that we worked at was drawn to open an regional office in Belfast with similar promises from Invest Northern Ireland and the whole affair ended in craptacular style. The talent that we were led to believe would be awaiting us didn’t exist. Certainly there was talent to be found down-country in Dublin, but nobody in their right mind wants to move from Dublin to Belfast. After all, the Guinness brewery is in Dublin. Good luck to you.
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